Alice in wonderland Papercut

  • Alice in wonderland Papercut Alice in Wonderland Papercut
  • original Alice tea party artwork Original Alice Tea Party artwork
  • Peterpan & Captain hook design Alice, Caterpillar & the Mad Hatter design
  • hand cut Alice papercut hand cut papercut

10" X 10" Alice tea party papercut

PeterPan & Wendy papercut A original Alice in Wonderland tea party papercut. Designed and hand cut by Paper Petal, this Unique and original design is a tea party scene based in the deep wonderland forest. Alice, the Mad Hatter and the Caterpiller are having a spot of tea together whilst sat on giant mushrooms. The background is a antique tea set image. This Alice in wonderland paper art is framed in a oak 25cm X 25cm wooden 3D frame. The frame can be wall mounted or freestanding.



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