Fingerprint Guestbook - Balloon House Papercut

  • Wedding fingerprint guestbook Wedding fingerprint guestbook
  • fingerprint guestbook balloon house Fingerprint Balloon House
  • guestbook papercut Papercut guestbook
  • handmade oak frames Handmade oak frames, different colours/ sizes available

Wedding guestbook papercut

This Wedding Fingerprint Guestbook is a perfect alternative, or addition, to the traditional guestbook. Usually displayed on the gift table, each guest imprints their finger onto this unique piece of art to remind you of your special day.

This design encompasses a papercut house mounted in a box frame with the strands coming out of the chimney, ready for the guests fingerprints to make their mark. A loving couple are positioned at the entrance to the house in this design, however the design can be personalised to your request. Guests can be asked to either leave their finger print with their name beside, or just their finger print. Instruction cards for both options will be included with the framed papercut art.

The handmade oak frame can be made to a range of sizes, the pictured frame is 44cm X 30cm which is the sugested size for housing the papercut art. This will fit approximately 90 fingerprints. The frame colours available are dark oak and light oak.

What is included in your pack?
- Mounted papercut (WITHOUT fingerprints).
- Personalisation optional.
- Dark or Light oak handmade frame 44cm X 30cm (custom sizes available).
- Two/Three high quality mini inkpads, in colours of your choice.
- A5 instruction card.


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