Let it go Paper cut

  • Let it go Papercut Let it go Papercut
  • original hand made artwork Original hand made artwork
  • Balloon papercut art Balloon Papercut design
  • Miniature framed papercut Miniature framed Papercut
  • the kiss papercut choice of frame sizes & colours (white, black, medium & dark oak)

4" X 4" Framed let it go balloon paper cut

Let it go balloon papercut This simple and subtle 'Let It Go' miniature paper cut, is designed and cut by us. Framed in a beautiful handmade, real wood light oak frame. The tiny 10cm x 10cm real wood frame, is handmade especially for our beautiful miniature papercuts. Designed to be freestanding, it's dinky size means it would fit in wherever you decide to show it off or hide it away. Although we think it looks particularly at home on shelves, mantelpiece, desk tops and window ledges! Other frame colours and sizes are available. Text can be altered and the background colour can be changed if you would prefer a different one.



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