Lighthouse Papercut

  • Intricate Lighthouse papercut Lighthouse papercut
  • internal frame light Internal light inside the lighthouse
  • Storm paper art Layers of paper creating the storm scene
  • handmade oak box frame Mounted in a handmade oak frame
  • illuminated papercut Illuminated papercut

Lighthouse storm paper cut - 10" X 10" framed artwork

Lighthouse storm paper cut This intricate papercut of a lighthouse in a storm has layers of paper to help create depth in the scene. The scene is further brought to life by lights illuminated inside the lighthouse. The cut took a considerable long time to create. This artwork has lots of detail, even the top light is brighter than the other 5 window lights. This delicate 18cm x 18cm paper cut is housed in a dark oak handmade 25cm X 25cm frame. The frame can be wall mounted or freestanding.


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