Narnia papercut

  • escape to Narnia papercut Escape to Narnia papercut
  • color options Adapted quotes available
  • color options choice of frame colours and sizes available
  • color options customised background colours

20cm X 20cm escape to Narnia framed papercut

Narnia papercut This escape to Narnia papercut is a original design, lovingly cut and mounted in a oak frame. Glitter card is placed within the door opening of the wardrobe to enhance the magical entrance to Narnia. In the above example we have replaced the profanities with words more suitable for younger eyes, you can request for the quote to be changed to other words. Intricately cut, the Narnia papercut is framed in a 20cm X 20cm dark oak wooden 3D frame. The frame can be wall mounted or freestanding. The background colours can be customised. Light oak as well as the dark oak frames are available, including handmade larger oak frames.


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