Vintage Papercut Wedding Necklace

  • Vintage Wedding Necklace Vintage wedding necklace
  • paper art necklace Papercutting
  • elegant wedding necklace Elegant design
  • lady wearing papecut necklace Intricate papercut
  • 20cm necklace jewellery box Housed in a wooden box
  • necklace chain colours Gold, Silver or Rose Gold chain
  • glitter necklaces Glitter Colours or Custom
  • matt colour necklaces Matt colours or custom

Elegant thick paper necklace with chain

Gold, Rose gold or silver chain This romantic one of a kind papercut necklace is an ideal conversation starter on both formal and unformal occasions! Perfect as wedding jewellery or a gift for a 1st paper anniversary, the intricate design is carved out of heavy cardstock reinforced for a choice of gold, rose gold or a silver chain. Typical chain length is 6.5inches (X2 = 13 inches in total) with double clasps either end allowing the necklace to be removed from the back of the neck, preventing the papercut being overhandled. Other chain lengths can be requested. This classy vintage elegant necklace can be further personalised with different paper colour. The paper/card is over 250gsm to ensure strength and versatility and the papercut is safely housed in a wooden box.

Surprise a loved one, whether it be your wife, daughter, sister, mother or grandmother. Designed by Paper Petal, other styles are available and one off custom designs can be requested at an additional cost. Necklaces specifically for weddings can be duplicated so that a backup can be used on the special day in case of any unfortunate mishaps. The second version can be sent separately and altered in size and colour if requested.


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