DIY Papercut Templates

Storybook Templates

Alice in Wonderland Drink me papercut template

Alice in Wonderland Design

› Alice Wonderland Template
Alice in Wonderland Drink me papercut template

Alice Tea Party Design

› Alice Tea Party Template
Peter Pan Papercutting Wall Art

Peter Pan Where Dreams Are Born

› Peter Pan Template
Peter Pan Papercut Template

Peter Pan Lightbox Design

› Peter Pan Shadowbox Template
Disney Quote Typography Papercut Template

Famous Disney Quote

› Disney Quote Template
Disney Castle papercut template

Disney Castle & Characters

› Disney Castle Template

Birthday & Celebration Templates

mothers day make your own gift papercut template

Mothers Day Gift

› Mothers Day Template
20th Bithday Floral Wreath make your own papercut template

20th Wreath Design

› 20th Birthday Template
30th Bithday Floral Wreath papercut template

30th Wreath Birthday Design

› 30th Birthday Template
40th Bithday gift papercut template

40th Floral Birthday Design

› 40th Birthday Template
50th Bithday Roses Wreath paper cut template

50th Wreath Roses Design

› 50th Birthday Template
60th present papercutting template

60th Birthday Design

› 60th Birthday Template
70th floral paper cutting template

70th Birthday Design

› 70th Birthday Template
80th birthday gift papercut template

80th Birthday Gift

› 80th Birthday Template
90th birthday nintieth present papercut template

90th Birthday Present

› 90th Birthday Template

New Born Baby Templates

12 weeks baby frame papercut template

Ultrasound papercut template

› Ultrasound Template
New Born Baby papercutting template picture frame

New Born Baby papercut

› New Baby Template

Christmas Templates

Christmas Snowglobe papercut template

Snowglobe papercut template

› Christmas Template
Reindeer / Stag papercut template

Reindeer / Stag papercut

› Reindeer Papercut Template

Here we have a collection of papercut templates all designed by Paper Petal and perfect for those who don't have the time to create your own design, but would love to give papercutting a go. All the templates come with a downloadable PDF vector file, PNG file, and SVG file including DIY instructions. Downloads also include two templates, the original format and reversed, so you can choose to cut whichever way you prefer. You will need a printer, self healing cutting mat, and a craft knife for printing and cutting the designs. The photographs in all the listings in the Paper Petal shop simply shows my attempt at cutting the template and therefore no physical object or frames are included, just download links to the different file types. The paper cutting templates are best printed on 120-160gsm A4 paper and they are all sized to fit box frames that are most popular across department and craft stores across the UK.

The paper cut templates featured on the site range from personal use only licenses (with the option of purchasing a Commercial License) and commercial use licenses. Personal Use means that you can cut the template as many times as you want, and are welcome to give the finished paper cut as a gift, but it is not to be sold on in any form. You are not permitted to sell the template or any papercuttings created from the template. Commercial Use means you can cut and sell up to 100 designs. The templates must also not be altered in any way other than to resize if required. When posting photographs of the cut templates on websites or social media, please ensure that Paper Petal is credited for the design on every photograph. You have the option to purchase a Commercial Licence for any of the designs featured on this page for £125, which entitles you to cut and sell up to 100 copies within one year. I hope you have just as much fun cutting the papercut designs as I did designing them. Happy and safe cutting.

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