Rabbit papercut portrait

  • Rabbit portrait papercut Rabbit portrait papercut from photograph
  • Hare rabbit personalised art Hare & Rabbit personalised art
  • the kiss papercut white, black, medium and dark oak color frames

Personalised Rabbit framed art

Rabbit papercut The above bespoke Rabbit papercut was designed as an exact likeness of a few photographs sent by the proud owner. The portrait is handcut and floated in a handmade oak box frame. Other designs can be created for any type of animal, a horse, hare, dog, cat or any personalised pet papercut. All art is customised to your approval before hand cutting the bespoke papercut. You can further personalise the artwork with any background colour and papercut colour. This delicate 18cm x 18cm paper cut can be framed in a light oak or dark oak handmade frame, or a black or white 25cm X 25cm frame. The frame can be wall mounted or freestanding.


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