Return Of The Jedi Star Wars Paper Cut Lightbox

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Illuminated Star Wars Shadowbox Art

Star Wars light up paper cut This hand cut Star Wars paper cut is layered to give a 3D look encompassing elements of the Return Of the Jedi film. This unique design has the death star overlooking the forest moon of Endor along with the shield generator guarded by a storm trooper. The Ewok village is represented in the trees along with Princess Leia on a speeder bike and AT-ST walkers patrolling the forest. The Millenium falcon, Imperial Shuttle, X fighter and Tie fighter also patrol the sky with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader battling with lightsabors in the circle of the death star. This paper art is framed in a light oak 38cm X 28cm hand made oak wood frame. The light inside the frame is controlled by a remote which has multiple colour settings such as red, blue, green, and yellow shades along with various sequence settings reulting in a smooth transition of multi or single colours.


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